Cueva de los Verdes is a lava tube and tourist  attraction  on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary  Islands (Spain). The cave lies within the Monumento  Natural del Malpaís de La Corona, a protected area of  the Canary Islands.   The cave was created around 3,000 years ago by lava  flows erupted from the nearby volcano Monte Corona,  flowing across the Malpais de la Corona toward the  sea. As in all lava tubes, the top of a lava stream  cooled and developed a solid crust, and the lava  stream later drained away leaving the top crust as the  roof of a cave. In about 20 spots, the roof of the cave collapsed, forming a cavern known locally as  a jameo. The caves extend for 6 kilometres  above sea level and for another 1.5 kilometres  below  the sea. One jameo forms the entrance to the Cueva de los Verdes. Two kilometres of the cave system  were developed for tourists in the 1960s, with the cave walls illuminated by colorful lights.   The cave is also famous for its concert hall which is located near the entrance and exit of the  cave. The concert hall has about 15 to 20 rows with 26 seats in each row, allowing up to 500  people in the concert hall at once. In earlier centuries, inhabitants throughout Lanzarote hid in this cave to protect themselves from  European pirates and Muslim slave raiders.        Cueva de los Verdes          Location: 29°10' N, 13°46' W           Elevation:  46 m   Photos: Rolf Cosar                Lanzarote, September 2018 Home Photo: rolf Cosar Video