Location: 37.734 N, 15.004 E

Elevation: 3.350 m 



Etna eruption November 2002

In 20022003, a large eruption threw up a huge column of ash that could easily be seen from space and fell as far away as Libya, 600 km south across the Mediterrian Sea. Seismic activity in this eruption caused the eastern flanks of the volcano to slip by up to two metres, and many houses on the flanks of the volcano experienced structural damage. The eruption also completely destroyed the tourist station Piano de Lago, on the northeastern flank of the volcano, and part of the tourist station "Etna Sud" around the Rifugio Sapienza on the south flank.



   Photos: Rolf Cosar                                                                                                                        Sapienza, November 02 


   Video: Rainer Urbanke

         Sapienza 09.11.02