Laacher See Eruption

Location: 50.39 ░ N, 7.28░ E

Elevation: 290 m



The Laacher See Caldera

The Laacher See volcano forms a volcanic caldera in the Eifel mountain range. It is part of the area called "East Eifel volcanic field".The lake lies 259 m above sea level, is 8ákm in circumference, and surrounded by a ring of high hills. The water is blue, very cold and bitter to the taste. The lake has no natural outlet. The caldera was formed after the colossal Laacher See eruption dated to 12,900 years ago. The remaining crust collapsed into the empty magma chamber below, probably two or three days after the eruption. With an estimated 6ákm│ of magma erupted, this massive eruption had a VEI of 5. Tephra deposits from the eruption dammed the Rhine, creating a 140ákm2 lake. When the dam broke, an outburst flood swept downstream, leaving deposits as far away as Bonn.

Photos: Rolf Cosar                                                                                                                                                             22.10.2009