Nevado de Chachani Location: 16°11' S, 71°31' W Elevation: 6.075 m Arequipa, March 1985   The andesitic-dacitic Nevado de Chachani volcanic complex, located   immediately north of Arequipa, consists of a 320 sq km group of   Pleistocene lava domes, a stratovolcano complex, and a flank shield   volcano. The central, 6057-m-high Nevado Chachani complex contains   multiple vents along an arcuate line, including a well-defined summit   crater at the western end. Two early Pleistocene ignimbrites were erupted   from now-buried vents of older edifices. Thin lava flows from Chachani   volcano overlie glacial moraines. Pleistocene lava domes form the   northern end of the complex. The 8-km-wide, late Pleistocene to possibly   Holocene lava shield of Pampa de Palacio on the SW side produced a   well-preserved lava flow field that represents the youngest products of the   Nevado Chachani complex (Global Volcanism Program).  Photo: Rolf Cosar Photo: Rolf Cosar HOME Photo: Rolf Cosar