The Pichu Pichu group is a very eroded volcano with 7 summits,  the highest of which is 5635m. The Summit Ridge with his 7  summits has an unusual zigzag structure, which owes its name  Picchu Picchu to the volcano. the word Picchu comes from  Quechua and means mountain. Easy recognizable is the current  form of a man - within this zigzag according to the legend, a  famous Incas - which itself should have laid down at this point to  sleep.Pichu Pichu is part of Cordillera Volcánica, which also  includes the Chachani group, El Misti and the Ubinas group.  Pichu Pichu is a crescent shaped mountain east of the city of  Arequipa. It is about 12 miles long, running generally north and  south, with a westward tilt on the north end. It is about 4 ½ miles from Laguna Salinas at the closest  point. To the east and slightly north, across Laguna Salinas, is Volcán Ubinas, the most active volcano in  Peru. Archaeological remains were found near the summit.  Pichu Pichu Summit Elivation: 5635 m Latitude:               16.4469°S Longitude:            71.2394°W Photo: Rolf Cosar Photo: Rolf Cosar Photo: Rolf Cosar Photo: Rolf Cosar Photo: Rolf Cosar click on pictures to enlarge Panoramas click on panoramas HOME