Wau-en-Namus Location:   25.05°N, 17.55° E Elevation:  547 m   The isolated Wau-en-Namus volcanic  field (also spelled Waw an Namous or  Uaw en Namus) lies in the Sahara  desert of south-central Libya, south of  the Haruj volcanic field. A 4-km-  wide, 100-m-deep caldera contains a  post-caldera scoria cone, Wau-en-  Namus. An apron of dark basaltic  tephra extends 10-20 km around the  caldera in stark contrast to the light-  colored desert sand prominent in  satellite views -the Dark Spot, as it appeared in Google Earth.Three small salt  lakes of variable color contribute to the name of the volcano, which means  "Oasis of Mosquitoes." The youthful appearance of the central cone has  suggested it may be as young as a few thousand years, although the arid climate  may mask its actual age. Yellow sulfur deposits are found in the 150-m-wide  crater. Other basaltic lava flows occur several tens of km NW of the volcano. Google earth Panoramas Photogallery HOME