Location: 50.23 N, 7.16 E

Elevation: 310 m


The Wingertsbergwand is a wall up to 30 m high. One can reconstruct on the basis several Tephrasequences that the enormous outbreak of the Laach lake volcano here is unique.The Tephra deposits at the Wingertsberg is typical for so-called Pliniani eruptions - explosive outbreaks which promote large quantities of volcanic ash. With the rocks in the Wingerts-bergwand concerns around deposits out of glow avalanches and the products of volcanic ashtray gene. The Tephra is particularly in the lower part richly at large foreign rock inclusions, in particular at basalt in addition, at devonic basement.The deposits from glow avalanches are irregularly and fibrously laminated, and show internal structures which point to a rapid transport. One observes strong, rapidly changing grain size differences, with a general trend to a finer grain size in the recent deposits. The fine sediments of Tuff in the highest layers represents still the days after the outbreak raining ash particle.(geomontanus.com)

P      Photos: Rolf Cosar                                                                                                                                       06.11.03